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low health = low aim/strength/speed?

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When you get hurt, you shouldn't be able to preform as well. Same with the enemy. As your health gets lower, the aim gets worse, as well as the injured character's strength and speed as well as dexterity. That's why it's important to make the first hit in combat. Some items such as Painkillers or feats/powers like Pain Tolerance can reduce this performance penalty. Thoughts?

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Common misunderstanding:


Hitpoints in the D20 rule system don't just mean your sheer resistance to damage and difficulty to put down, they represent a whole host of things, like your skill and luck in avoiding serious wounds, your ability to withstand injuries, and so on.


when you run out of HP it's not because you've taken 'too much damage', it's because you've taken the one vital hit that put you down.

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