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Chairman rockwell room (brave new world quest)

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after transitioning to the pit and I make my way through with a disguise I make it to the room locked by computer and chairman Rockwell inside. I can open it fine but as soon as I get inside the game freezes and just buzzes or crashes the game. I believe it is either something to do with the disguise stuff, or just the dialogue scene that should happen upon entering. however I can kill him and then be able to enter the room and that's why I believe its dialogue related. but it also makes total sense to be an issue with the disguises aswell. I do not want to progress the story without knowing what he has to say. I loved this game so far, i've had no issues like this until this exact point. I am on xbox one platform. been a huge fan since you guys were involved with fallout and i'm glad you've outdone yourselves with this game. its everything a lot of us have been asking the wrong people to do, you know. love you guys hopefully this bug can be sorted. i'm anxious to know what happens to my friends.

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