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Doorway at end of game crashes my game

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I cant enter the room where chairman rockwell is without the game crashing no matter  how i do it i even went back to before the mission and redid everything and it still crashes my game does anybody have a fix? Xbox one

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I try to enter the room at the end, it looks like a ?Theater? viewing type room (I would give you a better description but I can't set foot into it).

The minute I walk in my Xbox locks up, stutters for about 5 seconds and I get kicked all the way out of the game. All the way.

Platform: Xbox One

Area: Labyrinth, Tartarus, The Pit (I believe)

Room: Viewing Room? 

Issue: Xbox locks up, stutters for about 5 seconds and then kicks you out of the game completely. 

Occurrence: Every time.

Result: I can't play the game. I can't go forward in the main story. The game is dead. 





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ok so go in and unseal the door. 

Go back out to the main ring platform there's the blast shield up, but right beside it is a railing! Just off to the side there is box you can jump up on to get on the railing and then walk around the blast shield. 


now you can go in the room from the other side but don't just walk right at him, will freeze again. You need to crouch and go around behind him more to the right. I looted the boxes and things then I snuck right up behind him and initiated Convo, and it didn't freeze! 

After the convo I had to open the sealed door to get the check point and off we went. 

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