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IMG_20191101_123543.thumb.jpg.130c3b55a02771b391c2b44c2bc6021a.jpgI thought it was a flaw at first. That the terminals would just forced me to back out and go back in, for every option I took. That was till I got to the Gloop Gun Terminal. It won't let me get passed the first answer to the question or hack it. At the "Password" screen, it's completely blank. The one option I have is to "Press B'" and back out. This wasn't the only Terminal I experienced this. Most of the Terminals that demands multiple steps to get through things have the same problem. 

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You can pause and then unpause the game while you're in the terminal and you will be able to select options again. A work around rather than a fix but helped me. Hopefully it works for anyone else reading this too. 

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