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I'm on "The City and the Starts" mission and I'm at the part where I have to go to Minister Clarke's house. The issue is that the one guard outside is hostile. I can't speak to him to trigger the next part of the mission. 

If I sneak inside via the back, I have to kill all the guards inside to get to Clarke. Which lowers my rep so as soon as I leave the house, everything in Byzantium shoots me. I can't progress further. 

I don't understand why it's only that ONE guard outside the house that is hostile. I've not done anything to make the NPCs in that area hostile. aZ29xjt.jpg

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Hey, Makan

I'm sorry for the NPC issue you have run into. We have our development team looking into it and hope to have a fix for it shortly. In the meantime, to expedite your request, you can send an e-mail to our publisher, Private Division at support@privatedivision.com. This will get your issue into their queue and allow us to prioritize requests to ensure the fastest possible turn around time.

We apologize again and thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the issue.

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I am having the exact same issue on XBox One. It's frustrating because up until this point I was having a stellar playthrough. Now I am stopped dead in the game having done every side and companion quest I could find and the only way forward is the next stage of the main quest. I have been a peacekeeper on this playthrough and it would be highly disappointing to have my first playthrough wrecked by this seemingly uncommon bug. I had to scour the internet just to find this one other person having the same issue. I have loved Obsidian sine the Knights of the Old Republic days. (Still waiting on the cut content from 2 ultimate edition by the way, and if you could convince Disney to let you make KOTOR 3 I will buy you a trophy) 

That about wraps it up. Gamertag is Tolairius1 on XBox, I beg you to fix this so I can continue my playthrough before everything I've accomplished becomes stale in my memory and I have to start all the way back at the beginning again. 

Minister Clarke Glitch (3).png

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