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Same I'm stuck on brave new world after entering the pit and unsealing the door when I try to walk thru it crashes every time.

I made a post this morning still no response.


Just found this video as a work around. Also read something else about killing everything in the room before you walk in. I haven't tried either yet


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Was searching elsewhere on the internet and found a workaround.
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I have a similar issue, except, instead of Tartarus, I can not exit Auntie Cleo's Secret Lab. The front door, side door, and vent exit all lead to an instant crash as soon as the outside world loads in. I hope our issue can be patched. 


What I did was open my GeForce video driver manager and install the latest ones. It turns out my video drivers were 2 years out of date. I can now leave the lab just fine and have not seen anymore crashes for a while. I hope this helps everyone else with GTX970 cards. 

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