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Item degradation too fast

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Hello - is there a guide explaining how item degradation works? For me this is becoming a real QOL problem with the game (admittedly I dislike gameplay chores in any fashion). Search for degradation seems to be mainly performance issues, so I'm surprised if I'm the only one who's bothered by it.


plasma carbine (unmodified) - loses 0.13% per shot. You'd likely replace/repair after ~300 shots (~60% quality), which is not that many shots. But let's say that's reasonable.

hunting rifle ultra (suppressor, large mag, extended sight) - loses 1.5% per shot. This can't be reasonable, right? Edit: tested with unmodified ultra version and got the same result, approximately 1.5% loss per shot

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In the beginning of the game I've noticed that my items were degrading a lot but then I took the perk that makes them degrade slower and now somewhere at the middle of the game my companions started doing a lot of the work for me so I haven't repaired anything for the past 6-7 hours or so. 

I'd say I'm fine with how it is at the moment but they could lower it down a bit for few things like the hunting rifle for example cuz 1.5% per shot is a bit steep... 

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I agree about the Hunting Rifle. I haven't had any issues with other weapons but I snipe a fair bit and it feels like I'm repairing the HR all the time.

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