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Non Lethal Takedowns?

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Is this even possible? I was excited when the developers said that the game could be completed without killing anyone. I've succeeded in that so far, but I'm still very early in the game. 

However, there are clearly areas that you can't stealth or talk your way through. I've taken a stance lately about avoiding indiscriminate killing in games. I'm not going to kill a guy just because he's standing in the way of the door I want to go through even if he's just a 1 dimensional, shoot on sight goon.

In one area I found a stun baton and thought "Finally, here's a non-lethal way to progress, just knock them out a la Deus Ex." Two whacks later and the guard is dead. Whelp, so much for that. Reload.

So, are there any real non lethal options built into the game?

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I would also want to see this, although i don't think they can add this to the game now that it's done. I enjoy the stealth system very much but having no takedowns, lethal or otherwise, ruins a full stealth run for me.

Real shame though, the grass idea was very well done.


Love the game anyway.

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I support this too. I would be even happy for a simple knife based lethal takedown option as of now - it could be limited to enemies with exposed heads / non-heavy armor. Of course options for non-lethal knockout, sleep darts, AI reacting to bodies found, and the ability to move bodies would make it whole. But maybe I have spent too much time with Arkane games recently.

In any case I welcome games which allow for non-violent options - though I am not against some more lethal action as long it is justified properly, and it does work within the story and characters and avoids glorifying violence (so not like the new Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein games). Titles such as Deus Ex, Dishonored, Metro series or the new Prey even rewards the non-violent way. From this point Outer Worlds delivers too I think.

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On 10/28/2019 at 6:22 PM, Wulfeh said:

It would indeed be nice to have a takedown option while sneaking, that is something i missed.

I agree. I loved the choke hold take down in Dishonored. It was difficult to be quiet and stealthy enough to get that close and satisfying to take down guards you couldn't sneak past w/o killing them. 

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