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I'm currently playing the Xbox game pass version however when approaching the building with the scientists if I enter within a certain radius of the building the game just automatically closes. No error messages etc. If anyone has any ideas please let me know thanks.


AMD 1600x 3.9GHz

3000Mhz Corsair 8GBx2

650W PSU

Samsung M.2 SSD 970 

1TB Hard drive

Asus GTX 1070



V-sync on

FPS cap on 60

Graphics on very high




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18 hours ago, Dorgrin said:

Does restarting your PC and using a slightly earlier save file help at all?

Unfortunately it did not however I was able to test my save on epic games version as a friend had a copy of it. The save file worked fine there and I was able to complete the mission, definitely something to do with Windows 10 version.

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It's definitely a bug that happens - I have random crashes without any errors. Still trying to pin down why!

Glad you managed to progress though, I have no doubt Obsidian is working hard to find and squash such bugs.

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