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Perks are Underwhelming

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I have the say the perks in this game are rather uninspired and not interesting at all. It's almost not even worth taking a flaw to be able to choose one of these, and that is a shame. It was always a lot of fun choosing perks in Fallout New Vegas because many of them were impactful and were a good way to flesh out your character some more, not to mention the humor and some of the fun images that came alongside them.

On the plus side - character flaws are pretty good and I like taking them whenever I can. Not just because I get extra perk points to spend, but it's refreshing to see an RPG that allows your character to get worse at something or gimped in some way rather than just getting stronger constantly until you're godlike.

But yeah Perks. They just seem under-developed and could use improvement. Something to hope for in a future sequel maybe.


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I disagree. The perks seem fine, even OP in some cases. They go along the way of older school RPGs where the perks are additional benefits ontop of your main build, to either fill in a few gaps or reinforce your strong points. That's exactly what these do. Unlike most games, these perks are actually very well done imo.

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