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Windows 10 version (Game Pass) won't launch

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I've been trying to troubleshoot this since launch. Every time I try to launch The Outer Worlds, I get an error saying "The Configuration Registry is corrupt".


I don't get this error for any other Game Pass game. I've contacted Microsoft, had someone remote in and they are puzzled.


Things I've tried:

- Validated the registry

- uninstalled the game and reinstalled (three times)

- uninstalled and reinstalled Xbox (beta) app

- refreshed my PC with a clean version of Windows


Nothing seems to work.

currupt image.jpg

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It works fine on my PC so it is definitely something unique to your PC configuration. It might be related to specific hardware / driver. Maybe you should post your specs to see if anyone else has the same problems with your configuration.  

I remember having similar bizarre problems once with several games and it needed a CLEAN install of windows to solve, not a refresh, as the pesky trojan/virus was very stealthy and persistent.   Everything worked perfectly afterwards.  A nuclear option but will probably fix your issue.  Might be worth scanning your hardrive for errors as well it could be on the way out. 

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