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New Weapons and mods and oher things

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Wouldn't it be nice if there were throwing weapons in the game? I was playing the other day and picked up a hatchet and not knowing that you can't throw it,tried throwing it. I also said to myself "where are the grenades"???? I also would like to see that pathetic excuse of a hunting rifle based on a 19th Century rifle with a telescopic scope ,beefed up with a proper  marksmen stock and a decent scope. Seriously who designs a scope with just a 2x view?  There are also variant of the rifle based on the Viet Nam era M-14 also. I have beginning to notice that Obsidian is using the game engine that the designed Fallout New Vegas with because everything in the Game looks like a mirror image of something from New Vegas. I also would like to see a robot workbench added and maybe a version of the Henry Rifle  also added. The machine gun looks a lot like the M-240B or AKA the M-240 Bravo. I also like to see a variant of the Victor Securitron or something. The Automatrons look like the Centaur Bots From the Early Fallout Games and are extremely lethal also.  I noticed the M1 Garand variant is strangely absent for some reason also. I would also like to see the rifles, both bolt-action and magazine-fed have an option for noscope or remeve scopes and other mods and  switch between weapons or switch or remove mods entirely and re-add them when you change your mind like the weapons from Fallout 4. I also like to see an option for a heavy pistol with a long ported heavy frame that does a fair amount of damage. I also noticed the pistols are based off of any  early prototype concept of the 10mm pistol. I also wished thre were some sort of jetpack or spring boots in the game so you can reach hard to reach areas and also safely decend from leathal heights. I have accidentally killed my character many times by jumping wrong.  Wouldn't. It be cool if there was a mission in the game where you could aquire a newer bigger ship and also modify it . The interior is way too cramped and needs to be roomier. The Captain's Quarters could be bigger maybe a poker table so you and your crew have something fun to do.  Ialso wish there was an option to switch Characters also. I actually found a way of keeping more than one save for characters,but at the moment it requires a manual save which can be a bit tedious or if you forget to save you will load your last save if you die etc. I really wish this could be encorperated into the auto-save feature or something.  my most favorite LMG from the Fallout lore is th good old M-60 bull barrel with barrel-shroud jungle combat version of the M-60. I like it because it does  higher  damage compared to the M-240B, and is gas-operated too. I wish there was a variant of the M-60 in the game also. And maybe also a variant of th Desert Eagle that uses .50AE (Action Express) bullets. And also some kind of Anti-Tank or Anti-Personell weapon based off of the .50 Caliber SniperRifle and varies world-wide by nation.

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I agree with alot of this but most of all....where are the grenades and mines?! I want a explosive oriented character as this is supposed to be an combat rpg! I always used alot of explosives in F:NV.

But when it all comes down to it I just want it to be more like F:NV which it is not! People talk about the vibe and feel from NV, spiritual successor etc...where is it? I´ve played for hours and have seen zero things, mechanics, storywise, places that even remotely gets me thinking of NV. It does however get me thinking of mass effect, bio shock and borderlands. And I would gladly continue playing NV and im almost at 700 hours but the damn game crashes all the time. Now, Obsidian...consider this: I would prefer playing a game that crashes every 20-30 min over TOW. Nuff said.

By the way, what is the incentive for the character to do anything of the things he/she does at the start. After hours I see no story at all. Why go get a power thingy for the ship? Wasnt the point of the journey just to get to the outer worlds? The character got there only later and the world is lovely, plenty of work so why bother doing anything of the things the game throws at you? Zero incentive. In Fallout 4 with that pathetic mess of a story you still had some incentive to get going somewhere.



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4 hours ago, SnakeEater49910 said:

 I have beginning to notice that Obsidian is using the game engine that the designed Fallout New Vegas with because everything in the Game looks like a mirror image of something from New Vegas. 

Nope.  New Vegas was made using the creation engine- Bethesda's game engine and all assets belong to them.  The Outer Worlds was made using the Unreal 4 engine.  If this was made using creation engine it would have had two dozen mods for it before it even launched, and would also have several reskins of weapons by now.  It also would likely not be as stable or have the graphics that TOW does.  From what I understand the engine TOW runs on is quite a bit harder to mod.

What you're seeing is likely due to the fact that the artist who pretty much defined the look of the fallout universe for the very first game was made also worked on TOW.

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