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Oh no, I think I finished

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So I've been playing this game all day. I have been having a blast, I've got my guy named Luigi (who is my Vegas character), and he's just an evil, stupid melee build with crazy defense and regeneration. I've hit a point in the game (No spoilers) where it gives me the "Battle at hoover dam" notification, where it says I won't be able to turn back.

Oh no.

I really, really don't want to be done in a day. PLEASE tell me there's a ton of sidequests, I have to finish them all! Unless I've already killed important quest members, but really the only faction I've annihilated was the miner protesting group. They've just got too cool of an armor not to kill them for! 

Anyway, if there are some sidequests to look out for, please let me know, or at least where to find some good ones. I've already done the audition one on the stuffy aristocratic planet (is that spoiler free?) and I loved it.

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