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  1. I think they said it would be something like 20-30 hours of content...you must have had an epic play session.
  2. Not going to lie, I'm kinda dumb and like the little glowing borders. Helps in a new game, when one isn't sure what all is interactive. I know this can be learned, which I like as well, but I like having the borders. Personal opinion.
  3. Shame. Great game. Hope everyone that's having problems gets to play soon. Also, it's only been around 24 hours since it dropped, they might be still trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
  4. And I must say that the game, so far, exceeds my expectations. The gameplay is nice and fluid for me, the combat is fantastic (I'm a 2-handed melee) and with only a few tweaks to the default settings, it controls beautifully on XBox. I look forward to doing some achievement hunting on this game. I can see myself playing it until completionist. So...Thank you to the Dev team for making a game that had me laughing (in a good way) from about 5 minutes in until I logged off. Love the writing, the setting, the dialogue options (decided to make a char that could try to talk his way out of situations). Love it. 4/5, will likely be a 5 once I test out a char with ranged weapons, so I can see the other side of combat.
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