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Why No Key Remapping?! Handicapped !!!

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Once again, I find there's a game developer who's decided that everyone is exactly the same and loves and/or can play properly with WASD.

Why? What is wrong with you people that you don't realize that left-handed people, people with one hand, or people with problems with their fingers, or Just Because! don't want to play with WASD?

This is a VERY basic and expected feature in a game - to be able to remap the keys.

I DON'T / CAN'T play with a controller, and I need to use the right-side of the keyboard, NOT WASD.


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Yes please allow us to remap all key inputs. I'm a right side KB user too (cause of damaged tendons in my hand) and these hard locked key inputs is going to kill my experience with the game alot.


Please please please alow rebinding of ALL key inputs please obsidian.


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Only if you don't want to bind keys on the right side of the keyboard.

Look at the keys that *can't* be remapped (K, J, comma etc.).

For lefties it's only viable to use a controller, which not everyone feels comfortable with in a first-person game. People with disabilities may not be able to use a controller at all, as has been mentioned earlier in the thread.

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I play using a left handed mouse and in almost all first person games instead of having my movement keys bound to WASD, I have my movement keys mirrors to be on the right side of the keyboard using P,L,Semicolon,Apostrophe. With there being locked keybindings for menus around this area of the keyboard, it makes it quite difficult to play comfortably.

I feel this keyboard mapping is quite common for left-handed players and would be a great help if we were able to move these menu bindings.

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