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I have this random problem where all of a sudden, sounds starts being muffled. I wonder if it is related to the sound lag problem I had due to using too high graphic settings?

Cpu: Amd A8 7650 (yeah, I need to upgrade it)

Gpu: Rx 580 8gb

Ram: 2x8 gb ddr3 1333mhz

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Thanks! Tried adjusting different sound settings on Windows, they don't help. Altered various levels in the Audio menu, still not sounding right.

While testing it, I found something else odd with it. Talked with Jane Elson (first NPC you meet when docking with the Groundbreaker), and she was muffled when I looked at her while speaking. If I turned away while she's speaking, it sounds normal/correct. If I'm turned 180 degrees away from her, it goes back to being muffled. Again, music and sound effects sound normal, only voices are affected.

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