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Wasn't there supposed to be a day 1 patch?

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I'm loving this game at the moment and I am playing it via the game pass.

Just that I have been looking around and found there was supposed to be a massive day 1 patch and it isn't here? The most annoying thing I have run into is sounds and voices being non stop stutter. Only way to fix it seems is to save and load.

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1 hour ago, Odinsknight101 said:

Hmm. I read it was something above 30gbs for xbox one but the game is 17.4 GB. So unless I'm mistaken it's only for those with physical copies?


Sorry for the confusion I have.

Xbox One X has higher resolution textures than S. That's why its 20GB more. The patch is also only needed for the disc/retail version of the game.

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