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Painted masks something is screwed

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Im on painted masks quest with alarad and heres what i got: i went to oiki koki and killed everyone. They all went hostile after i snuck around and climbed the waterfall into the secret chamber back room. I also told that wooden lift lady where to put her crank.

I later read a guide which told me i had to find a deserted ship. I never found that ship. After i killed koiki koki, i sailed all around the island looking for the deserted ship but found nothing. I also needed to read someones soul but i seqrched all over and found no purple misty soul interactions. 

My journal currently says: search ohi kokikoki  for signs of leaden key, there are signs of leaden key because of mask like face painting and i may be able to learn more by looking around. I have not found anything.

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Maybe you skipped one ohokoki kokokiki?

Or Alarad ist just pranking you. Alarad ist known for his pranks actually. Often he changes names afterwards, too.

Try to recite the phrase "Far over the misty purple souls" in front of the wooden lift in order to get the crank back - but wash your hands afterwards!

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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