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Details for Twitch Plays The Outer Worlds

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Greetings employees of Halcyon,

As you may be aware, The Board will be conducting a team-building exercise with all of you in order to gauge your decision-making abilities, communication skills, and leadership qualities today at 3PM PDT (UTC -7).  Join us at the official Obsidian Twitch channel for this glorious opportunity to help better Halcyon for all mankind!

During this exercise, you will be taking control of the protagonist (or antagonist depending on your choices) and will have the ability to choose to stay true your Company and help The Halcyon Holdings Corporate Board, and subsequently you and all other Halcyon employees, or to help advance the aspirations of the outlaw Phineas Welles.

To do your job and control the avatar in this exercise, you will need to issue commands via Twitch chat, which will be shown in a legend at the bottom of the video.  To allow you some time to learn the controls prior to starting, you can review them below:


In order for you all to work together to control the avatar, we will take each of your commands every half second and issue the most commonly chosen one to the avatar.  Cooperation is key if you are going to survive the wilderness of The Outer Worlds!

The avatar you will control has been built to have very high temperament to withstand combat better and has some skill in 2 handed melee combat, ranged weapons, and stealth.  It is recommended that as your avatar increases his capabilities, you obtain more skill in leadership so that you will have more control over your avatar's companions to aid you on your journey.

We've also equipped your HUD with a compass and objective marker to track your objectives in order to facilitate your work.  Use those tools to investigate reports of an abandoned ship that landed on the outskirts of Edgewater. This is your task.

Good luck employees, and do The Board proud!




Edit 10/30/2019:

Greetings employees of Halcyon,
At this time we would like to thank you for participating in our Twitch Plays The Outer Worlds exercise.
We are very pleased with the progress you have made up to this point. At this time we will be pausing the exercise until further notice.
Thank you again for participating and we will notify you when we start the exercise back up.
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58 minutes ago, C2B said:

So, you're actually doing a Twitch Plays with inputs?



59 minutes ago, C2B said:

This.... is going to be hilarious.

I completely agree! It is going to be exciting to watch 😄

See you there!

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Went to bed, got up in the morning and they made it to the ship? And now have to conquer a ladder.


Quality stuff. They also got Parvati! Now I'm not sure they're on the ship.

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