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Level 4 oathbinder sanctions temple has londywn and gabe. Gabe is standing trial for a crime, avoiding the hadred war, and breaking his oath. Londwyn beheads him and then does nothing. She goes back to pray and does not interact with me. At all.

Ok um. So what happened? How come the game doesnt tell me what those oathbenders are doing or what their mission is or anything??? 

Ok i guess theyre vigilantes? Woedecia is the god of secrets and mystery right so why does she even care if people lie or bend oaths? In poe1 i hide the scroll in the dragons mouth for the woedicia library and was rewarded because that god values mystery not the truth.

Also on canary island beach when my ship wrecks after chasing ethosis, wasnt there a little girl standing next to elder ingrim? He stands right by the exit of that zone and i could have swore there was a little orlan girl standing by him that i can talk to. 

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