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[BUGS] Rimeskull and other bugs



Several persistent bugs, happen to every character as far as I can remember. These are the most recent instances.

General Info
- Steam, merged from original Android account (played on the same computer using android emulator)
- Win 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit
- PC is custom.

- Pass & play on/permadeath are OFF
- Campaign
- Characters in Party: Lem and Lini (original characters)
- Turn Order Lem, Lini (those bugs happen regardless of turn order)
- Difficulty is Legendary
- None of the issues have to do with Hordes and happen regardless if first exploration or not

When playing the last scenario (Into the Eye), the Revelation Quill, the Eagle and Scrying are unplayable. This is the most disturbing bug of all, and has persisted throughout the years, even after merging my main account with Steam. I know it has been reported before, but it's still there.

Another persistent issue with my game is Rimeskull. Whenever a location is closed, only the character who closed it moves to another location. Other characters are trapped, and are forced to lose a turn before moving out in subsequent turns. Also, characters cannot move into previously closed locations, unless I quit the game altogether, and rerun it

Another persistent issue is in Assault on the Pinnacle. When choosing loot after I defeat a bane, the "buttons" are always misaligned. In my last game I tried to click 6 spells, but I got 4 weapons and 2 spells instead.

The black tower. Another persistent one. Harpy monks do not allow my characters to use powers, either before they act or during the combat check. (Thankfully, after playing in steam, Harpy monks' cards do not remain there, blocking my view of my next encounters, as before)

The last major persistent bug is a more general one. When playing cards like the Corrosive Storm or Blizzard BEFORE the exploration, and during the encounter the character who played them is FORCED to make a check, those cards are always returning to his hand, as if they were never played. This diminishes they usefulness, as they often cannot be played at all, if the character plays another card of the same type.


Into the Eye (again): I noticed that only one Henchman per character was shuffled into the location deck, despite that I played in Legendary difficulty. I think it has happened before, with a different group of characters

If you wish for more details or clarifications, please ask
Thanks in advance

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