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Lover's Embrace - True Love's Kiss works with Whirling Strikes and Heart of Fury

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What do you think of me - sure I have. ;)

Doesn't work unfortunately (only initial target receives True Love's Kiss with Clear Out).

By the way this also means that stuff like Stalking Cloak's "Bushwack" and Mask of the Grotto Deep's "Shadow Fang" trigger on all the AoE hits from stealth.

Stuff like Assassinate and Backstab would, too - if you could only get them as SC Ranger or Barbarian. ;)

But if you are a SC Ranger with high INT and MIG and Harley pet (adds 10% dmg to DoT ticks for whatever reason), wearing the Mask, use Lover's Embrace in the main hand and a battle axe with Bleeding Cuts in the offhand and executing Whirling Strikes from stealth it's a death sentence (also because Whirling Strikes DoT is so freakingly strong of course). I lured mobs to one spot (and loud AoE spell taht you can cast onto the groud or explosive will do) and then executed it from stealth. Man...

Of course stuff like Fire in the Hole in offhand and Keeper of the Flame in the main hand are even more devastating (superdevastating to be honest). Even two Battle Axes are more effective against "normal" enemies.
But sometimes that dmg isn't enough (duration too short) to bring down the really tough nuts wihtout getting overwhelmed. So I was searching for something like Gouging Strike and True Love's Kiss came to mind. I just found it very convenient to be able to "curse" several opponents at once. If I then kill a weakling to trigger the Slippers of the Assassin or use Rust's Shadowing Beyond (on the stiletto) I can remove myself from combat (if there's enough space) and simply wait for the "cursed" enemies to die (which ends combat). Like you could do with a rogue + Gouging Strike. I killed Nemnok that way now at low level (before using Whirling Strikes). Hitting several opponents at once just makes sure you don't have to wait that long and you don't need to repeat that process so often. ;) 

It's more for solo runs I'd say and I only found out accidentially. But I thought it might be good to know.  

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