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Looking to run a new party with a Light armored Dual wield Fighter from Old Valia. A dispossessed Noble who is starting his life over. 

A Human from Old Valia who Dual Wields light/fast weapons. Eder can wield the two-handlers in support. Kana, Durance, Aloth and The Devil will round out the party. 

I guess I am looking for build advice/ideas. My first thought was building him like a melee Rogue, but then I see this will be a bit of a different creature. Critting will be ‘critical’ to the build.

Two Weapon Style

Weapon Focus: Noble

Weapon Spec: Noble

Not sure from there....

No matter which fork in the road you take I am certain adventure awaits.

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Try the combo Rapier + Dagger. It fits the Vailian theme nicely and you can get two very good uniques early:

- Sword of Daenysis (which is actually a Rapier). It has speed and is rending which is a great combo for an already fast weapon.

- March Steel Dagger: unfortunately you have to treat the boy who wants it a bit unfairly in order zu keep it - but eh. It also has speed.

Both have the usual +5 ACC bonus for Rapier/Dagger and thus work beautifully with Knockdown. With two weapon style and those two weapon you are already at only 3 frames recovery (no armor penalty). If you take Outlander's Frenzy you will be so fast that you can use Padded Armor (with Armored Grace) and Vulnerable Attack (5 DR bypass) with 0 recovery.

If you find Gauntlets of Swift Action and get some Durgan Steel you can actually wear a Breastplate and skip Outlander's Frenzy entirely and always be at 0 recovery (with Vulnerable Attack on).

Good talents/abilites:

  • Disciplined Barrage
  • Knockdown
  • Confident Aim (raises MIN base dmg by 20%. That is actually a 8% multiplicative dmg boost - other that most other dmg boosts which are only additive)
  • Weapon Spec & Mastery
  • Armored Grace
  • Charge
  • Weapon Focus Noble
  • Bonus Knockdown
  • Outlander's Frenzy (really some anger management issues because he lost it all ;))
  • Apprentice's Sneak Attack
  • Vulnerable Attack
  • Two Weapon Style
  • Savage Attack

I would go the Doemenel route for more crit damage. Dungeon Delver as well. 

High INT is good here. You want Knockdowns to last long, same with Outlander's Frenzy and Disciplined Barrage. Might's not superimportant (but needs to be ok - also because of Constant Recovery). PER is important. Since you are aiming for 0 recovery you can lower DEX. 

Osric's Family Breastplate looks really good and fits a noble. For the head either Munacra Arret (Whisper of Treason is very good with the high INT, high ACC from Disciplined Barrage). You will be able to charm even dragons. Also looks cool with the Breastplate. Or - of course - the Company Captain's Hat - which is Vailian in the first place and an awesome item. I think I personally would use Munacra Arret. Together with Spirit Spiral (later in the game). Nobles should be good at talking "peasants" into stupid things. ;) 

Here's the picture of a char I once had (unfortunately wrong race) who wears the Familiy Breastplate and Munacr Arret: 


It's a good single target dps and CC setup. Later you can swap the March Steel Dagger with Drawn in Spring if you want. It is slower but the wounding enchantment leads to more dps than the speed.

I played a somewhat similar char - but as a monk. The high reactivity (due to tiny to zero recovery) is great fun. 

By the way: when doing Full Attacks the offhand will hit first and the main hand follows. The offhand weapon's recovery will be skipped. Rapiers are the fastest weapons of all, so make sure the Rapier is in the main hand. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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OkIn all of my playthrus I have never received the GoSA nor the Mechanics Gloves. Urgh....


Thinking a stats spread of....


M - 14

C - 10

D - 12 (or 14)

P - 14

I - 18 (or 16)

R - 10

I was thinking an armor that gave more protections from magic. Kind of like Hand and Key as I think I can get the healing I want from the healing boots. Or one of the new sailor armors that meets my Lowery DR, will be Fort???

I like the Cap’s Hat, but Muncarra ia overpowering on a high ACC speedster.


No matter which fork in the road you take I am certain adventure awaits.

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