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CPU / GPU / Hardware support?

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Hardware support can have a large influence on a games end user experience. Does anyone have info on if TOW will lean more towards a CPU with a high core count or a single core but higher clock frequency? Or will it not matter at all and limitations will be based on your GPU horsepower only? What about native support for 4k, G-Sync, and Multi-GPU support? I need all three.  I am interested in knowing which existing released game might use a similar "game engine" and give some hints as to what to expect. . Do you think they will use a new set of "tools"? Many developers tend to stick with things they have already used. 



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I haven't seen any official System Requirements list, but the game is running the Unreal Engine so it's likely to have similar minimum and recommended requirements as other modern UE games like Gears 5. With it being a cross platform release, it's likely going to be optimized to run on lower end machines since all the consoles use AMD APUs. 

If you're looking for similar games that use the newest Unreal Engine there are several (including Gears 5) available with the same Xbox Game Pass that will offer The Outer Worlds once the game is released. I was able to get 2 months of XGP ultimate (which includes the PC XGP which is the only bit I have any use for) for 2 dollars, so if that deal is still active you can get the ability to download a game to test the various functions you need as well as a way to play The Outer Worlds for an insanely good price.

Even if you want to drop 60 bucks on the game, I'd say you should consider getting the XGP for The Outer Worlds just so you can try before you buy and be absolutely sure it has the functionality you need. 

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