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Aumaua unique dialogues

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Hi all.

I´m going to start my second play-through and I'm wandering about the race. I did the first one with "snow elf" but now I'm thinking about Aumaua ( love Kana:)))).

Please share your thoughts with me/us :)

I found this topics


But I din't find much about it - Aumaua:

"Aumaua: 7

Coastal Aumaua: 1

  • [Race] The single Human check also checks for Aumaua, Godlike, and Elf.
  • [subrace] Island Aumaua have no checks in Eternity, White March I, or White March II."



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Hm... what exactly do you expect from us now? :)

If it's only about dialogue options then I can't help much. ALl in all there's quite little reaction to your race. Class, attributes, skills and reputations are more important.

But of course there are mechanical reasons (like certain build ideas) why one might want to pick Island Aumaua (like Kana). Their racial ability is quite special. For some builds it's golden and for others it does almost nothing.

Coastal Aumauas have "Towerig Physique" (+20 defense against prone and stun) which is always useful.

So - if you specify which kind of class and "role" in the party you want to play I could at least give some tipps which race might fit best mechanically. 


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Hi @Boeroer thank you for your reply.

I'm just curious about dialogs. With the pale elf I had a several interactions and it was fun for me.  Like "you are coming from far away", etc. For this build I'm going with Aumaua (as a main character) priest (Eathos/honest/benevolent) and will play defense, most of the time. Maybe the Aumaua is not the best choose for priest, but I'm going to try it :) Hope some of the NPC will recognize me as a fellow Aumaua :)   



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