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is this new?

I currently have a Berserker/Helwalker in my party, wieldig Saru Sichr.

Whenever I use Force of Anguish the target will get hit twice: first by FoA itself and then by Carnage. Which is a significant single target dmg increase. I guess by pushing the target backwards it gets into the AoE of Carnage right in time. I never noticed this - although I played Ravagers before. It's so nice that I find myself using FoA a lot more than I initially planned (wanted to use Stunning Surge a lot)... :)

I already tested with Clear Out + Carnage (because that's also a push effect): nope. Here the initial target gets hit twice as well - but it's 2*Clear Out (known behavior), no additional Carnage hit on the initial target. 

Anyway - I thought maybe you guys find this interesting. :)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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