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Item effects not shown under "current effects"

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Hi everyone,

I received an item called Cipher´s shackle and it gives the Additional Effect Shattered Chains (resistance to dexterity afflictions). However, after I equipped it, it didn´t show under "current effects" (on the character page). Is the effect nevertheless working?


Greetings lead

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You are right, it doesn't get listed. I just made a quick console-test for you with Tanglefoot (Druid lvl 1 spell which has a pulsing Hobble effect) and I can report that despite the absence of "Shatteres Chains" on the list of active effects you will be resistant to Dexterity afflictions. As soon as the Hobble affliction hits it will get removed. You can also see when that happens: above the head of your char a message will pop up like so: Hobbled).

Tl;dr: it works! :)


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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