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help please, Nearest character to interact

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Hi , I have a game duo.

Is that when I talk to any NPC on stage it is the main character who comes to talk. It does not seem important but it is that my alter ego in the game is a MAGICIAN and I am paper. I am starting but it is enough that in one of those conversations it ends badly and I get cakes and they leave me sold to my character because this face to face with which I have spoken. I know that if I click on Eder for example and give it to him to speak, he does it, but it is a pain and I often forget to make that click.
A week ago I passed the poe1 and that did not happen approached to speak the closest character.
Let's see if you know any solution or that it will be solved.

Sorry my english

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I struggle to understand you. 

As the player character leads conversations, when you have a group selected he will be the one to come closer and initiate the conversation. If your main is a squishy character, you can initiate conversations using other party members, by manually picking whom you want to approach the enemy. Otherwise you will get... cakes?

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Yeah, it can happen. Fighter's "bash" "knockdown" ability should allow your wizard to disengage safely. There are also quick spells which can give you protection before you attempt to move away.

Don't be afraid to take a disengagement attack to the face - you should be able to survive it. 

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What is "bash"? 🤔

"Deleterious Alacrity of Motion" will make you immune to engagement. It's a fast cast. Your movement will also be very fast then. It's a safe way to get out of trouble. Just don't forget that it damages you over time. So after casting it get some healing (Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon or a fellow party member's healing ability).

You don't even need to learn it, just bring a grimoire with it and put it in the trinket slot.

You can always pick somebody else for conversation.

Sometimes - in encounters that follow a scripted sequence - your main character will stand in front. You can't do anything about that. The game is ignoring or messing up formations somtimes. You'll have to use an escape ability like "Alacrity" or "Dimensional Shift". Or cast some self-buffs like Spiritshield, Mirrored Images and Iron Skin to survive. A quarterstaff+modal or a large shield with dagger+modal or with a hatchet in the second weapon slot also helps a lot. As soon as you switch to that weapon slot you will enjoy the higher defenses. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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