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LF Tankier build for Turn-based (POTD upscale)

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As the title says :) Don't really like Unbroken/Streetfighter on TB, unlike RTWP. Not as effective and very bland.

PC is Ancient Druid SC and doing very well for himself. Other tankier char is Barb. I was thinking Barb/Druido or other Martial/Caster combo. For Barb/Druid I sort of like the idea of using Nature's Terror etc, but who knows, might be a bad idea.

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2 hours ago, Boeroer said:

By the way I have no idea what "LF" means...

LF means - Looking For ;)

Blood Thirst immidiately clears initiative for the next round. So even if you went last, it basically gives you 0 initiative and you go at the beginning.

I am looking for another tough character to assisst my barb. I was thinking something with Cipher, so like Psyblade or Inquisitor. Don't want a Herald as I already beat the game with one. Same for SC Trubadour/Wizard. Also no Unbroken/Streetfighter ;)



Know of any mods to make Aspect of Galawain better? A single Bog Oooze from summon primordials is 10x better XD



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