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Can there be two Hauani O Whe?

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As you can see in the picture I messed up with this ridiculous monster – who in my opinion could take on Eothas himself (Do oozes have souls?). Unfortunately I didn't survive long enough to see if those 2 gigantic oozes can merge into a second Hauani. Did this happen to anyone?

On a sidenote...I am very proud that after almost 1 year trying I could finally beat this thing on PotD, but only with a selfmade group of Heralds.
I also want to add that this was the most ridiculous and frustrating fight I had in any videogame.

Screenshot 2019-09-04 at 23.34.21 Kopie.jpg

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Yes, there can. Also, I think this might be my favorite megaboss. The psion unique ability finally got to shine for me, and boy did it shine here.

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