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Solo POTD level scaling up

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Has anyone found a build capable of soloing and actually doing most of the combat? Thief can do it but only by breaking engagement all the time which seems pretty cheesy. 

Deflection doesn't seem to help enough. I'm over 100 deflection at level 8 but when the enemies gang up it makes no difference. 

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Of course. Some even completed the Ultimate Challenge.

"Capable of soloing" doesn't mean nonchalantly facetanking everything though. You can't do that at lvl 8 with any solo build. At least not with very specific items and consumables (that are hard to get at lvl 8 solo PotD). 

Arcane Knight, Herald, Crusader, Shepherd(Stalker), Inquisitor and some others have nice tanking capababilities though. 

Certain combos like Tactician/Priest of Skaen can develop certain cheesy tactics (Brilliant + SoT + Barring Death's Door) which lead to kind-of god mode in some cases.

Same with Fighter/Bloodmage (Unbending + Wall of Draining). 

The usual approach is to avoid fighting when possible until you reach the higher levels and your build unfolds. And only then doing all the fighting.

But of course you can do it differently. It's just difficult to do every fight with a mid-level solo char even if the fight isn't overleveled.

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