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Hi, Obsidian! What about ideas from your fans?

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First of all, I send you big greetings from Russia. You do a great job and making outstanding games in era of degradation in computer games. YOU ARE BREATHTAKING!

Anyway, according to all I know about Outer worlds, there would be a place for unusual quests and interesting scenarios. That's why I send you my ideas of quests, events or easter eggs which I would like to share.



Woman is crying on a street and ask player for help. She tells that her husband kicked her out of their farm and now she has no place to go. However, there is a jewelry box in this farm and if we get it, she would have money to survive. She tells that her husband is unsociable and rude person, so the only option to get jewelry box is stealing. Farmer, actually, is rude and he do not want to talk to strangers (including player).

Player has options to pass the quest in stealth way or by battle with farmer and his robots. While we are at his farm if player or his companions are good in perception, they can find old photo of Farmer and his real wife on a wall. Also near the farm player can find her grave.

If player is good in diplomacy, while talking to Rude Farmer player can find out that farmer’s wife has died few years ago and he lives alone for long time.

If player find out information about real wife, woman disappears from her place and quest is over (you get experience) when we came back.

If player did not find information, he gives her jewelry box and she acts as if you had saved her life.


After some time player find out that she is in WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE list, so there is good reward for her head. She is wanted in several systems for fraud and crook business.

You can find her in a secluded shack, whose location need to be found by collecting scraps of information.

When we find her and she realizes that she was revealed, she stops pretending and turns out to be a very intelligent and powerful thief. There are options for player to kill her and get money reward or ask her to join the party and get powerful thief and liar. If she joins your party, in cities she always puts a bandage on her face.



In the end of regular quest for corporation, their accountant accidentally send you more money, than he should - 5000 coins instead of 500. Player has several options:

Walk away with pokerface, act like nothing happen. That means that lawful companions will condemn your actions, reputation in this corporation will fall and after you can identify this accountant as a bum on a street, who has no idea why he was fired.

Pay attention to the error. That means chaotic companions will condemn your actions, because they think it’s dumb not to use that chance. After a lot time you can meet this accountant, who became a big boss inside the corporation, so now he can give you special quest or help you. He identify you as honest people.



Novice comedian ask you to retell him all the jokes you can find, so it would help him with his material. He notices that you travel a lot, talk to different people, so it would not be hard for you. Player retells him, for example, 10 different jokes from 10 different NPC all over the game world, which is available for player at the middle of game. Quest is over, experience gained.

After we see this comedian performing on stage with these jokes and he recognizes player and allow to easily access and loyalty of his Producer – rich person from another quest, which loyalty is not easy to get.



I still have another ideas that I will describe when I'll have time.

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I suppose the comedian idea don't seem all that hard to slip in without making a bug run bonanza.  Probably not worth even minimal effort because you never know what will cause a mission creep bugfest.

On the philosophical side, I prefer game developers to keep fanbased input to a minimum.  It just gets messy.  I guess if they can keep themselves disciplined, the developers could use some input without it getting to be too stupid, but mostly I want the people who know how to craft a game not to listen to fans, like me, who can't hack it as game designers.

I thought this game was already released, but I couldn't find it on steam.  I'm looking forward to it.  I hope you're right, Chaircucker, and it gets released soon.

The woodwork beckons.

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9 hours ago, Captain Corcoran said:

I thought this game was already released, but I couldn't find it on steam.  I'm looking forward to it.  I hope you're right, Chaircucker, and it gets released soon.

OK first of all I have never cuckolded a chair, you take that back right away. 😠


Second of all, it's due out on 25 Oct 19, but not on Steam. 25 Oct 20 on Steam. Some people are upset about this.

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