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Why is Galawain Mad at Me?

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Finished Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, and I did not have the checks to completely talk the slayer into not fighting me, I had no choice but to fight.  Throughout the trials I gave the souls to the island to strengthen it, trying to make good with Galawain, even gaining the permanent buff Galawain’s Favor! At the start of the expansion he did not want me on the island because I did Beraths quest in POE 1 to destroy the Ethnik Nol’s Leaders.  At the end of SSS he doesn’t acknowledge the fact that I tried to help his island at all, and even though I was diplomatic with him he still forced me to Kill his Lizards.  😕

PS I also fixed the islands soul clog issue and now the souls flow Properly.



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Have gun will travel.

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