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Mod Release - The Funnening - Afflictions and Inspirations

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A pretty simple mod with big gameplay effects.  If you think I'm all wrong here I'd love to know why.  I also toned down the Brilliant inspiration--anyone know if that's unwarranted?  It seems crazy to me at a 6 second rate.




New Affliction/Inspiration
Sickened    -5 Constitution, -25% Healing done
Weakened    -7 Constitution, -50% Healing done
Enfeebled    -10 Constitution, +50% Hostile Effect duration, -100% Healing done
Fit        +5 Constitution
Hardy        +10 Constitution, +2 Armor
Robust        +15 Constitution, +2 Armor, regenerate Health periodically

Hobbled        -5 Dexterity, Cannot run
Immobilized    -10 Dexterity, Cannot move
Paralyzed    -15 Dexterity, 25% Incoming Hits converted to Crits, Paralyzed, Cannot be interrupted
Petrified    Same as Paralyzed, but with a different visual
Quick        +5 Dexterity
Nimble        +10 Dexterity, +100% Stride
Swift        +15 Dexterity, +100% Stride, immune to Engagement

Staggered    -5 Might, Cannot engage
Dazed        -10 Might, Cannot engage, -4 Penetration
Stunned        -10 Might, -4 Penetration, Stunned (Can't take actions), -10 Deflection
Strong        +5 Might
Tenacious    +10 Might, +2 Penetration
Energized    +15 Might, +2 Penetration, interrupt enemies on Crit

Confused    -5 Intellect, Abilities and attacks target both friend and foe
Charmed        -5 Intellect, Controlled, Cannot cast abilities
Dominated    -5 Intellect, Controlled, Alliance flipped
Smart        +5 Intellect
Acute        +10 Intellect, +1 all Power Levels
Brilliant    +15 Intellect, +1 All Power Levels, +1 of All Class Resources per >>12.0<< sec.

Distracted    -5 Perception, Flanked
Disoriented    -5 Perception, +50% Recovery Time, Flanked, +50% Initiative (only in Turn-based mode)
Blinded        -5 Perception, +50% Recovery Time, Flanked, +50% Initiative (only in Turn-based mode), -10 Accuracy, -50% Attack range, Immune
to Gaze attacks, Cannot use Gaze attacks
Insightful    +5 Perception
Aware        +5 Perception, 50% Graze-to-Hit
Intuitive    +5 Perception, 50% Graze-to-Hit, 25% Hit-to-Crit

Shaken        -10 Resolve, -3 All Power Levels
Frightened    -10 Resolve, -3 All Power Levels, Cannot use Hostile abilities
Terrified    -10 Resolve, -3 All Power Levels, Can take no action other than to flee
Steadfast    +5 Resolve
Resolute    +10 Resolve, gain Concentration periodically
Courageous    +15 Resolve, immune to Interrupt

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