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I will soon be returning to pillars and hopefully finally finish it (or at least get past Maerwald) before December when POE2 releases for PS4. 

I want to do a talkative build that works well in a team (and solo? I dunno if there are many fights you HAVE to do solo) on POTD. 

Also, havin POE2 in mind, are there some creation choices from POE1 that highly affect conversations in part 2?


Stats and build dont matter to me much, as I like pretty much all playstyles in these types of games :)

Races I find the most interesting: Orlan, Aumaua, Godlike

Classes i find the most interesting: Paladin, Cipher, Priest

While I like slaves or scholars the most, I am open to other backgrounds. For geographic origins I have no preferences at all, though I guess Deadfire would have the largest impact in POE2? 


Any advice is much appreciated ;D

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There are no fights you have to do solo. 

Paladins usually favor a stat- and skill spread that is good for a talkative character --> more dialogue options. Orlan Paladin is a bit unusual, but Orlans often get enslaved, so that fits. Ciphers are a lot more common among Orlans than with other races. Also a Cipher with good dialogue options is not hard to build. So maybe Orlan Cipher (melee) may be the way to go. 

A good weapon to a) stay close to the slave role and b) do good dmg (and thus generate good focus) is to grab Durance's Staff asap (it has a burning lash which is very useful that early in the game) and has two dmaage types (crush/burn). Later, in the first few levels of the Endless Paths, get Llawran's Stick. It has the speed enchantment which is one of the best for dps and focus gain. Enchant it with a lash (best something else than burn because you will keep Durance's Staff as backup - shock is good). Use Llawran's Stick primarrly and from the second row. Skill offensively.

Pick Time Parasite. With Time Parasite, Llawran's Stick and some Durgan Steel you will attack with 0 recovery which is very, very fast. One of the best powers of Ciphers is all mind controls (Whisper of Treason etc.) and Amplified Wave.    

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Since you have a reach weapon (pikes or quarterstaff - in this case quarterstaff) you don't need to put too much effort into making your Cipher sturdy. Just stay behind your front line. You can get 4 party members very quickly (and then get an adventurer from an inn if you feel like it - usually it's good to make one who's great at mechanics - often a rogue).

Because if that your stat spread could be more "min-maxed" as if you wanted to stay in the front row. Later on, once you have a lot of hard CC options, your survivability doesn't matter that much anyway: not much can hurt you while it lies on the ground. ;)

But you still want to play somebody with good dialogue options I guess. And your stats should also fit a former Orlan slave who are known for their relentlessness - but also that they are not very strong. Maybe he even got sick as a slave and was dumped so where to die before he fled? The Dyrwood is a safe haven for slaves since slavery is forbidden there.

So I would suggest a rel. balanced stat approach. With armor and items you can then go all offensive (light to no armor and so on).

MIG: 12

CON: 6

DEX: 15

PER:  15

INT: 15

RES: 15 

On a really min-maxed second row cipher you would dump CON and RES entirely and rely on you front line and heavy CC. But RES is a strong dialogue stat in PoE, so... also fits Orlans better to have it high(ish).

Stats are not that important in the game anyway. At least not if we talk about a few points here and there. 

You don't need exorbitant MIG as two handed Cipher since you can get dmg bonuses from Two-Handed Style, Soul Whip/Biting Whip and Apprentice's Sneak Attack as well as lots of crits from attacking hard-cc'd enemies (like hitting a dude you just cast Mental Binding on). 

There are also melee Ciphers in the build list here I guess?


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