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Stat bonuses of items, where do i see them (nintendo switch)

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Unless I'm mistaken, there are a number of bugs in the switch release. I was testing with a ring of deflection (+5 deflection), which seems to do absolutely nothing, and isn't being suppressed as far as I can see. I'm also seeing inventory items having broken icons (either a distorted mess, or duplicating another items icon), distorted text, and the whole game just crashed entirely minutes ago trying to enter a cave. 


I own and have played the PC version for several hundred hours, having none of these issues, so I can only assume something is wrong with this build and they'll be patching it soon. 


I'm also annoyed that they didn't bother to include touch controls (admittedly difficult, so I forgive them), and no space pig companion (they made it available to everyone on PC, and being cosmetic only, it wouldn't do any harm to include it on consoles.) 

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Thank you for the quick answer!

Ok, so i hope this will be fixed soon, otherwise it is a little bit frustrating to not know, if it even does anything or it is only not showing on the chart... anyway a fun-killer! 

Hope they will fix it soon to enjoy this gem more 😉

Is their a way to report bugs? 

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I started POE on the Nintendo Switch yesterday.

It's a interesting RPG, but all the rings, necklace, cloaks that I found don't work.

Moreover, foes can't be turned prone, even if my skills or magics are successfully applied and hit foes.

Please patch these bugs ASAP.

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