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Quick question, I’m new to the game and thus don’t want to follow any builds to closely first time through but also don’t want to hamstring my character. I’m playing a dual wield fighter and my question is are sabres still king? Trying to play as a bandit type guy so would really love to try dual axes or something.

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 There are some good axes but they come  later in the game. You will find sabers with the same  +0.5 Crit damage multiplier + other modifiers  earlier in the game and there is always Bittercut Sabre which maybe the best of them all if you are looking for straight comparison.

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Uniques aside Battle Axes are totally fine for a dw Fighter. There are good unique ones, too - but as draego said they show up a bit late compared to unique sabres. However, a self-enchanted Battle Axe (exceptional + a lash) will get you a long way. You can even buy an exceptional axe (fake-unique one "Silver Crow Axe") in Defiance Bay a lot earlier than you could usually loot it. Also for a reasonable price. If you get this and put a fitting lash on it (to your liking, most likely you will have collected the required stuff for a burning lash first) then you'll have something nice. 

"Rimecutter" is among the best dps weapons in the game (because of the speed enchantment) but it's a random thing because it is sold by Azzuro, your travelling Stronghold merchant. Often he didn't offer it to me at all in many playthroughs - sometimes he sold it to me thrice in one playthrough... You can trick the game and Azzuro: at the entrance to Lle a Rhemen on the map Stormwall Gorge you can find a seal on the ground. This can be used to trigger a "wait" dialogue. You can trigger it as often as you want, letting time pass by in the process. Once you unlocked Azzuro you can use this to skip time between Azurro's visits and wait until he offers you Rimecutter. Or you can use the console to give it to you (losing achievements in the process).

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