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Advice for PoE1 player finally getting around to playing Deadfire?

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So having been fairly annoyed at the changes made from PoE1 and having other games to play at the time I never got around to playing Deadfire before now and I'm wondering what character I should import and what sub and multiclasses I should go for.

Choices are Barbarian (based on Boeroers old tanky Barb with the soulbound dragon shield but with more con and less res), Priest, and Chanter who all made it through PotD/ToI in PoE1. I'm not changing any attributes on import 'cause that seems dumb so they're all max might and int with low-ish resolve and the rest pretty average.

I'm mostly into doing maximum AoE damage while being as tanky as possible since I'm pretty lazy with micromanagement. Summons for chanters would be interesting if they're actually good in the sequel though.

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Ye i wanted to try a version of that tank barb too for sure. there are some bashing shields in POE2 but one issue is that barb cant spread 'on hit' affects to carnage hits anymore. When i played that character in POE1 i made a melee debuff/CC with barb skills + weapon hits CC + tanking with shield bash for dual wield melee damage and that is not possible anymore. There are two handed weapons that have AOE effects but no one handed as far as i am aware. I was thinking i would need to multiclass the barb with say wizard or something to get the extra CC for the build since the on hit melee stuff was removed. 

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