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Hi there, I recently finished POE 1 and am tackling POE 2 now. 

I have an idea for a build I'd like to try but wanted some input from those with more experience. I'm thinking a Berserker/Streetfighter slicing people up and spreading DoTs to surrounding enemies could be a cool build, I just need to know if the mechanics of the game will allow for what I'm envisioning.

From what i've seen so far, the axe modal doesn't seem to spread through carnage, I want to know if rogue's Ring the Bell and barb's Blood Frenzy can spread through carnage. From what I've read so far it seems like carnage doesn't really work like in POE 1, I have a feeling Marauder might be more single target focused, than I had thought. Perhaps a different multiclass would work better, maybe Barb/ fighter or barb/monk? It seems if I commit to the DoT stacking idea I'd be somewhat limited to single target, or I can go more AOE with a fighter's cleaving stance, or monk's flurries and heartbeat drumming. 


Look forward to any suggestions and input from you all.

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I believe Carnage just applies a third (+ 3.3% per Barbarian PL) of base weapon damage as raw, it's not a weaker weapon attack like it was in PoE so won't benefit from Rogue strikes. Not sure if it works with sneak attack either.

I'm no Boereor but I think Berserker/Streetfighter would work for your concept. Personally I don't like Streetfighter because maintaining the procs is counterintuitive to me, but it's very powerful if played correctly.

A Barbarian/Fighter brings interrupts and self-buffs that are pretty good for hitting and taking hits, and it has an AoE that I believe will spread the DoT (clear out). A Barbarian/Monk benefits from the great abilities of Monk but off the top of my head it doesn't have a way to hit multiple enemies with an attack that would spread DoTs as heartbeat drumming and swift strikes just give you more attacks. There's always single class barb, who gets Heart of Fury and can now shout enemies to death in a pretty big aoe.

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Blood Frenzy does not apply its DoT via Carnage. That is because Carnage can't crit (only miss/graze/hit). Spirit Frenzy (staggered on hit) does work with Carnage.

The only weapon/ability effect I know of that works with Carnage in Deadfire is Lord Darryn's Voulge with Static Charge.

Bleeding Cuts: no. Rogue's DoTs also don't work with Carnage.

But Blood Storm and other DoT ability effects might work with an AoE weapon like Whispers of the Endless Paths. 

A good way to apply stuff like Blood Frenzy and Bleeding Cuts would be Heart of Fury.

But also Clear Out (Fighter).


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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