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Pure ranger end game abilities choice (turn based)

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so, my Maia pure ranger is lvl 16 now, I'm starting to get access to end game abilities in turn based Potd.
But I have a hard time to plan which ability I should choose.

Bonded fury looks cool, I really like the idea of a more powerful pet.
It's costy (3 link) but it seems ok for 5 turns.

Twined shot seems powerfull, and does not seem that costy (2 links)...
But it is if I choose Bonded Fury.
I'll spend 3 links for Bonded fury and 1 for marked prey, that's 4 points on the first turn.
If I want to use twined shot, 2 links peer attack, points will go down reaaaally fast.
I won't be able to use Bonded fury a second time, not will I be able to use much of others abilities (takedown, evasive fire, play dead, and maybe more...)
Heart seeker sounds very powerfull, but 4 links...

It seems a bit over the top to pick bonded fury, twined fury AND heart seeker.

So the real question is: should I pick accurate wounding shot or twined shot ?
Which one deals more damage on the long run ?
Twined shot is an immediate burst, but will drain you link points really fast.
While accurate wounding shot has the damage over time that also buff the pet's damage (but rogue, swashbuckler or mage can do that as well) and +20 accuray that can lead to crits...
Having both seems like a waist imo.


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