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Problem with game crashing constantly. It became more frequent lately.



Game crashes mostly durning fights (but it's not the rule).

How to reproduce:

Start a fight with sould collector and cast a few spells etc. After a minute it crashes. Strange since i did get quite far up to that point with a lot more gpu heavy battles.

Computer specs:

Sabertooth z97 mark2

Core i5 4690 3,5ghz

24 gb ddr3 2333hz

MSI GTX 660 TwinFrozr (OC'ed by MSI)

Running on SSD EVO series from samsung


Torlan (4ade87fe-14ef-4a24-8170-77fdadf6e529) (LAX-123AEFGHI) quicksave.zip error.log output_log.txt DxDiag.txt

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