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I'm nearing the end of Pillars 1 in my straight run through both games and I'm having a difficult time choosing which god to support at the end. Based on how I'm RPing the character, Galawain/Abydon/Magran would be the ideal choice but my main POE Watcher made that decision and I'd like to try something different. Wael seems appealing but I can't recall if there's any benefits - at least in base Deadfire - to picking it.

As the title asks, what reactivity can I expect for choosing Wael? Are there any noteworthy hooks in Forgotten Sanctum?

Favorite Deadfire classes: Ascendant/Ghost Heart, Berserker/Evoker, Sharpshooter/Wizard, Lifegiver/Furyshaper, Nalpazca/Berserker, Priest of Rymrgand, Sniper/Sharpshooter (modded), Priest of Berath/Greatsword Devoted (modded).

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There is a conversation in the Forgotten Sanctum where you can bring up the fact that you disposed of the souls per Wael's suggestion.  That's about it as far as I am aware.  

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