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Ive taken a break from this and waited until the final patch to return. Still all DLC and mega bosses to play and looking for advice on companion builds.


My main is a Ranger/Scout dual pistol build which im happy with but looking for advice on the rest.

Eder   Want him to be a Tank

Maia Ranged sniper

Xoti   Ideally a Melee build to go with EDER


Final companion im not sure its a toss up between Aloth and Tekehu or Vatnie again im not sure what would compliment best what I have.Any advice greatly appreciated








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Are you playing real time with pause or turn based?  What difficulty?

Just some general tips:

Eder - Swashbuckler - Persistent Distraction is just too useful not to have

Maia - I would probably go either pure Ranger or Geomancer since your main character is a Scout already

Xoti - Contemplative is probably your best bet since she can also serve as your healer which would open up your last slot for anything

You can just use the last slot to swap in party members for their side quests.

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