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The loss of Evocation and Illusion spells significantly reduces the power and versatility of the class, but it can be played around if you're looking to work within constraints for fun or RP.

The familiar is a nice buff (+3 to a stat, +1 PL, +random bonus), but the randomness means the PL is really all you can count on. If you summon another creature after the Familiar, the Familiar goes away, but the buff remains, allowing you to take advantage of other summons and prevent a loss of the buff from the familiar dying. That said, you're giving up a spell slot and cast time to summon it (Eldritch Aim, Chill Fog, Spirit Shield, etc.). 

Summons and summoned weapons do not benefit much from Power Level (They both scale based on Character Level, I believe), so being a conjurer doesn't help them much (+5% duration over other Wizard Sub-classes), but the upshot is they don't scale well with Power Level, so being a multi-class Conjurer doesn't hurt the much either.

There are lots of mutli-class options that are fun. Access to summoned weapons means you can multi reasonably well with one of the martial classes (but loss of illusion means you don't have access to most of the major deflection buffs that make MC Wizards so powerful).  A suggestion from other threads I've seen is multi into Priest of Wael to gain back the missing illusion spells, as well as some other priest uniques. 

I'm working on an RP flavored build for Fassina that is trying to crack this nut, since she is forced into Conjurer for all of her class choices. There's definitely some fun options there that I'm almost done testing in a playthrough. 

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Hm, doesn't multilcassing to gain back the missing spells feel counterintuitive? Might as well play single class wizard with no subclass or go Evoker. It'd be better. I'm looking for a conjurer build to focus on that, not to give the character options he does not have and be average at all of them. I do like Fassina as a Conjurer/Druid. There's some mean damage in the Druid kit as well. But I'm now looking to see if a focus on conjurer is actually something that would be fun and good to play. Or if it is simply making your character weaker and boring.

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