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What are you playing RIGHT NOW?


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Long time without a post, so may be winded lol.

Due to time and place, I've mostly been playing my Switch.  Have gone through Trine 1 and 2, Bastion, Transistor, Gris , a bunch of time spent with Slay the Spire, some Torchlight 2, a little of Blasphemous, and started a new game on Divinity Original Sin 2 (how did they get this on Switch and have it run so well).  Honestly love this little machine with a busier life as of late.  

I have Witcher 3 preordered which I cannot wait for.  I've beaten that a few times but its been a while and look forward to it on the go.  I realize in some of these games, downgrades were made, but playing on a smaller screen, it hasn't really been too bad.  Divinity has run superb and plays well on a controller.  Loading times are surprisingly decent and overall really enjoying it on another playthrough.  I know there's mixed feelings about DOS 2 on this forum, but the freedom and overall gameplay is what I've been enjoying most.

As I said, really excited about Witcher 3, but also Ori and the Blind Forest and then Children of Morta.  It's definitely a good time to be a gamer on the go.


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