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Any mods to improve Aspect of Galawain? Short Ancient rant.

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Overall I'm really enjoying my Ancient, despite him really falling off by endgame. specifically, I feel the support and dps skills of Ancient are fine. but the summons reeeeally seem to fall off. My Aspect of Galawain is tickling mobs for 10-30 damage and I'm just wondering wth is up with this balancing. it seems like a relatively easy fix... I looked for mods to deal with it, but couldn't find any. any ideas? the summon seems to have a lot of engage and tank, which is ok i guess (never better than Maelstrom). i would be ok with a 150% buff to its autoattack. and maybe some aura, depending on the animal.

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I don't know if that bug is still in, but we had massive problems with summons not scaling properly. Maybe that's it.


But Aspect of Galawain always had a reputation for being too weak. But you can cast Wild Growth on it so it becomes reasonably tanky.


Bad thing about summons is that they don't scale with Power Level (except duration) but their stats only scale with Character Level. That means stacking PLs like you might do for Plague of Insects etc. won't do anything for your summons besides giving them longer durations. Summons don't profit much from being a single class character.


Modding Aspect of Galawain can't be too hard I presume. You might want to ask somebody in the mod forum how to do it. Most likely you can alter the corresponding gamedata yourself.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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