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[4.1.2] - UI bugs & annoyances (full list)



  • when scrolling between different spell/ability tier icons, hotkeys & frequently used abilities flash/appear for a fraction of a second

the hotkeys and numerical values sometimes remain on the screen when accessing the inventory/journal etc

UI elements that were set to 'hidden' when out of combat sometimes flash/appear when selecting different characters

occasionally, enabling a modal ability makes that section of the UI start "shaking" until the cooldown is over

the dialogue text that appears above NPCs when they interact with each other sometimes overlaps

clicking on the 'empower' button causes the background of that enture UI element jiggle up and down (click on the button repeatedly if you can't notice the problem immediately)

using 'empower' to restore spell/ability resources causes the entire screen to shake for a fraction of a second (even if it's intended, it doesn't look right - it's almost as if the game quickly goes from 'windowed borderless' to 'fullscreen' and back)

the spacing between UI elements shifts as you hover over the individual elements - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/109018-412-ui-spacing-between-ui-elements/

the 'shading' of blocks in the shop interface shifts as you select items - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/109000-412-ui-shop-interface/

the text and dialogue in scripted sequences 'jiggles' when a new block of text appears

the 'magnifier' and 'door' icons occasionally flash once or twice as you move the pointer towards the objects that can be inspected

the size of character model in the 'inventory' screen sometimes changes when equipping or removing items - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/108981-bug-412-inventory-character-model/

the hair and armor color of the character model in the inventory screen sometimes changes when equipping certain armors - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/108981-bug-412-inventory-character-model/

UI elements overlap when clicking SHIFT to see more information in the combat log

the 'name and health' pop-up appears above the character's portrait (instead of above the characters themselves) and overlaps with the spell/ability bar

equipping or removing an item from a character in the inventory screen causes the character model to 'reset' (the position changes and for Xoti, her lantern goes off and then turns back on)

chanters' phrase UI element stays on the far left and decoupled from the the rest of the ability bar even if the chanter character is in the 4th of 5th slot (which moves the ability bar directly above the portrait)

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