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Problems with Stash





I just started playing Pathfinder Adventures and seem to be having an issue with the stash on my first party. I played through the tutorial and then started a new party with three characters on the RotG campaign. Previously I had placed 10 items in my stash before I began. After failing the first attempt at the quest when it takes me to my party inventory screen, I still have the items in my stash. My characters have all accumulated new items in their decks during the quest, but I can't get rid of them because there's no room in the stash. Can I remove cards from the stash somehow? I then tried going and clearing the cache data for the game and when I returned there were only 5 cards in the stash, but still not enough room to place accumulated cards in the stash. Therefor I can't continue playing with the party as far as I can tell. Can anyone help or point me towards another existing thread? The card system in this game seems rather unintuitive to me. Thanks for any tips!

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Hello Andruthir, the cards you obtain during the scenario and do not want to use with your characters afterwards go into a temporary area that can contain as much cards as your device is capable of handling. That is, you move it downward from the characters into a common pool. But this Stash can only contain 10 cards between the scenarios, so any extra cards should be banished - sold to a merchant for a very small amount of coins. But it requires you to be connected to the server - otherwise, this part is skipped and you accumulate more and more cards. If connected, you may not leave this second window unless you sell any cards in excess of 10.


If, however, you have many cards in the Stash and you cannot leave the merchant unless you discard down to 5 cards (instead of 10), that means there are some "invisible" cards most probably remaining after the tutorial you finished. Some bug may prevent them from being properly deleted - and they are not seen in the normal game. If that is the case, you must contact Obsidian Support, as only they can resolve this problem.


As a sidenote - Stash is a service for fans from the developers so the players don't need to juggle inventory just to keep a cool card that is not needed at the moment. You just place it in stash and take it out if needed. The cards you "banish" with the merchant are not gone - far from it - you can encounter them later during the adventure. So don't hesitate to throw away anything, unless you desperately want it. Cards from treasure chests are still there in your collection, you won't lose them.

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