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I've just done my second playthrough in PoE2 and something about the storyline struck me as...unanswered. Or mostly so, anyway. Apart from a comment to a VTC board member during the final VTC questline where you can choose to say that you intend to rebuild Caed Nua, what actually happens to your lands remains an open question. Now it is implied that you "return home" in the ending slides, but what sort of home are you returning to? Does the Watcher still, by Dyrwoodan laws, still legally own the lands attached to Caed Nua? 


I would really like to see a (small) quest, to answer this question. And, of course, I have an idea to how that could play out. A newly arrived ambassador from the Dyrwood visiting Neketaka wants you to smooth things over with Queen Onekaza, in order to increase trade. During your meeting with the ambassador, you and he/she are confronted by a small group of Dyrwoodan animancers who ask for your patronage - saying you owe them (if you were anti-animancy in Poe1) or that they know you to be a supporter of animancy (if you were pro-animancy, then). They've been working for Vailians, but never felt at home in the Republics, and while they love the Dyrwood, they are all too traumatized by their experiences in Defiance Bay to return to that city.


They and the ambassor then set you some tasks, that ultimately lead to either you sellingyour lands to Defiance Bay or allowing the animancers to build a research academy on your lands. In addition, you could choose to either make the rest of Caed Nua into a town, or some sort of class-based stronghold in the same vein as Baldur's Gate 2's strongholds. Or just rebuild it as it was.


Of course, this assumes - while there (probably) won't be anymore major expansions to the game - that Obsidian isn't totally done adding content to the game.

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