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Driving Flight Bounces - Inconsistent Behavior (BUG)



I've noticed some inconsistent behavior when using the Ranger passive "Driving Flight", which grants ranged attacks the ability to bounce to an additional enemy.


When using the ability with Rogue abilities, e.g. Gouging Strike /Devastating Blow, the entire effect of the attack also applies to the 2nd, bounced target. The shot gains all of the effects of the original and the -50% to damage for the bounce. I assume this is working as intended.


When using any of the abilities from the "Wounding Shot" tree, the 2nd target is never afflicted with the damage over time component of the shot. Notably, the combat log still shows "Wounding Shot" as the source of the damage, and in the case of "Accurate Wounding Shot", the accuracy bonus still applies, so only the DoT is missing.


I assume this is a bug, because the damage over time component for "Gouging Strike" does also apply to the bounced target. It strikes me as odd that seemingly just the "Wounding Shot" abilities leaves off the major effect of the skill.


Thanks for looking into this.

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Wounding Shot doesn't work with AoE weapons as well while other abilities (like Rogue's) do. Well not atm because there's a recently introduced bug with AoE weapon as well. But they usually do.

I think this was intentional because lots of patches ago Wounding Shot was considered to be too strong and thus those AoE/jump capabilities were removed. There's even a setting/object/variable in the code that prevents this from happening.
But they nerfed it even further. Nowadays I think this restriction should be removed.

Description of Wounding Shot's raw dmg is also not correct.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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